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What is a roasting box?
A roasting box is an oven where the heat source (charcoal or wood) is placed on top of the food, instead of below the food as conventional ovens.  This type of cooking makes meats tender and juicy inside and perfectly crispy outside.

The radiant heat comes from a steel plate on top of the oven chamber, where the charcoal is fired.

To get the most of it, some roasting boxes have grills on top.  The user can roast in the oven and grill on top at the same time.

Traditionally roasting boxes have been used for cooking large pieces of meat, especially whole animals like pigs and lambs.  But they are also great for roasting any other type of meat:  chicken, turkey, roast beef, brisket, pork racks, lamb racks, ham, ribs and any other.

How does a roasting box work?

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