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Products - The Roast Box Model RB01-0 (no lid)

Price:  $399 

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Roasting box with grill

Stainless steel front oven door.

Stainless steel grilling grates.

Thermometer in roaster oven.

Oven dimensions:  31" L x 20" W x 9" H

Grill area:  29" L x 18" W

Wheels:  8"

Stainless steel cooking grates


Deep charcoal tray keeps burning coals and ashes covered from wind.  This makes The Roast Box safer than other roasting boxes.


Stainless steel front oven door eliminates the need to remove the charcoal tray to access the oven interior.  The door also serves as a shelf for sliding the meats out for easy handling.   Oven rack is included.

Roasting box oven thermometer

Oven thermometer

Oven rack

Roasting box with stainless steel grates. Model RB01-0

Roasting box with optional grill lid.  The Roast Box.

Grill lid can be purchased separately at any time

More than 500 square inches of grilling area

Cook your meats on the oven rack or directly in any type of cookware

(baking sheets, oven pans, pyrex, aluminum trays)

The most versatile cooker ever!


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